Prep Time

15 mins

Cook Time

0 Mins


  • Ingredients

  • 250g (1/2 pound) mango flesh, about 2 mangoes

  • 1 mango, extra, flesh cubed

  • 400ml (13 fl oz) coconut cream

  • 1/3 cup black chia seeds

  • 2 tablespoons honey

  • 1/2 cup coconut flakes

  • 120g (4.2 oz) toasted macadamia nuts, chopped

  • Extra coconut flakes, toasted, to serve

  • Fresh sliced fig or banana, to serve

  • Mint or basil leaves, for garnish


This is an excellent breakfast option, dairy and gluten free, it is perfect for vegetarians and vegans. A great starter or dessert for brunch. This dish does require 2 hours in the refrigerator to set. 

Pairs well with …..

Fragrant tea such as jasmine or Earl Grey

Hints and Tips

Try fresh or frozen raspberries blended with the coconut cream and sprinkle with toasted flaked almonds for a variation.

In a blender combine the mango flesh, chia seeds, honey and coconut and blend until smooth. Scrape into a bowl and add half of the extra cubed mango and 1/2 cup coconut flakes. Mix gently until just combined.

Divide into 4 small dessert style glass bowls or mason jars. Refrigerate for 2 hours or overnight, until set.

When ready to serve, divide the rest of the cubed mango into each bowl along with some sliced fresh fig or banana (or whichever fruit you like). Top with the toasted macadamias, toasted coconut an extra sprinkle of chia seeds and a sprig of mint.