Prep Time

25 mins

Cook Time

6 mins


  • Ingredients

  • 1.5 kgs (3.3 pounds) green (uncooked) prawns

  • 2 chorizo sausages, sliced

  • 12 bamboo skewers


This dish is so simple and makes the perfect starter.

Pairs well with …..

Watermelon, Feta and Mint Salad

Hints and Tips

If you don’t have a bbq use a flat pan on the stove with a tablepoon of olive oil.

Firstly, soak the bamboo skewers in cold water for 15 minutes.  This will ensure the skewers don’t burn during in cooking.

Whilst the skewers are soaking, peel & de-vein the prawns.

Remove the skewers from the water and pat dry.

Thread one prawn onto skewer, followed by a piece of chorizo, then prawn and lastly piece of chorizo.

Repeat the process until all the prawns & chorizo are finished.

Heat the bbq and once the bbq is hot, place skewers on the bbq and cook for 3 minutes each side.

Remove and serve immediately.